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The Decentralized category aims to explore the decentralization aspect of web games: an experiment taking Web 3, blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and all the similar buzzwords, mixing them together with game development, and seeing what comes out of it. It's the second year of this category after its 2021 success.

This year the category became more open than before: you don't NEED to use any of the blockchain technologies to qualify for the prizes. You will get more points if you do and increase your chances of winning, but to participate you can simply get inspired by existing NFT colections or platforms, tools or services. To what degree? It's up to you - the more the better!


Game7 OP Games
Flux Arcadia


Implement any blockchain technology of your choice to qualify. But remember: your game can also participate by aligning its gameplay, visuals, or any other aspect of the entry with any NFT collection, blockchain platform, crypto tool, or web3 service.

Resources: Arcadians lore and assets, Game7 knowledge base, NEAR SDK.js. See last year's entries for example implementations. You can even host it on Flux for extra points.

Keep im mind that using any external assets will disqualify your entry from the overall results (the same way using provided libraries in the WebXR category does) unless you make it optional and download those extra elements only for this purpose. If you allow playing the entry without Decentralized features while not using anything outside the zip, then you will be able to be placed in the overall results.

That's it, good luck and have fun - unleash your creativity!


Paul Gadi

Paul Gadi

Paul is CTO ⁄ Co-Founder of OP Games, focused on helping game developers successfully create decentralized games. He also leads the KERNEL Gaming Guild, a fellowship of the most talented builders in Web 3. He loves exploring the intersection of new technologies with game design, and believes that decentralization and shared virtual economies will revolutionize how we play games.

@polats |

Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller comes from the data/information sector, and pursues the use of blockchain to further protect personal medical, financial and personal data through encryption and decentralized identification. Dan got involved in the cryptocurrency space through World of Warcraft, by using Bitcoin to buy "gold". He now works as the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Flux, and helps push for a decentralized world with disruptive technologies.

@dak_flux |

Tim Sulmone

Tim Sulmone

Tim Sulmone is blockchain veteran and life-long video game addict. Beginning his journey by running a Bitcoin node in 2011, to then moving onto contributing towards various cryptocurrency projects, Tim is no stranger to decentralized infrastructure. He now leverages his experience as the Sr. Business Developer for Flux, to help further ensure that our world has a decentralized network to host on.

@little_stache |


USDC cash prize pool

  • - 1st place: 500 USDC
  • - 2nd place: 300 USDC
  • - 3rd place: 200 USDC
  • - 4th place: 100 USDC
  • - 5th place: 50 USDC
  • - 6th-10th places: 30 USDC



External resources

The Decentralized category allows (and even encourages) connecting to external services, but please keep in mind that is only for the pupose of the category itself - all the data needed for the games to work have to fit within the 13 kb zip package.

Selecting winners

Places will be assigned based on the judging from the experts of this given category, separately from the overall voting.

Redeeming prizes

Prizes will be awarded to crypto wallets respectively. If you wish to get them in US Dollars instead, then the wire will be completed via PayPal given the exchange rate at the time of distribution.

Work in progress

Expect the Rules of the Decentralized category to be updated regularly up until the start of the competition on August 13th.


If you have any questions about this category feel free to contact us via e-mail:
Other options include visiting our profiles on Twitter or Facebook, or joining our Slack channel.